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Flat Houses

"Design + Architecture = Flat Houses" from these two passions, Flat Houses creates wooden miniature houses. All designs are based on a specific city in The Netherlands. The designs are detailed and invite you to take a closer look, enjoy every detail!

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  • Packaging design contest

    My design for the BNO packaging talent award 2019. This time the client Maggi, wanted a coherent design for three snacks.
    A simple and more eco friendly package can help the brand to differentiate itself from the competitors.


    My final bachelor project for professional cooks. A communication system which creates an overview of all orders.
    It takes hygiene standards into account by implementing touch-free control (gestures).
    A Human centered design approach has been used by seeking collaboration with professional chefs who provided feedback during the whole process.

    POS innovative concepts

    Point of sale displays need to be set up by shop assistants. When heavy products need to be placed on the shelves, Reboard is a convenient choice as POS material.
    However, Reboard needs to be set up with screws and the construction can be complex for the shop assistent.
    This design makes it possible to have a foldable Reboard POS display. It makes it easier to set up, takes less time and is efficient regarding transport.

    Graphic Design

    Do you need a new logo, poster, restaurant menu, interfaces or brand identity? Let's have a cup of coffee and talk about the values and vision of your brand!
    The presentation above was an interface design for a project where we developed a nature mode for smartphones (just like the dark mode).

    Packaging Design Tony's Chocolonely

    A special chocolate sprinkles edition packaging with die-cuts openings which provides space for both the chocolate bar and chocolate slicer. An emergency ‘break the glass’ alarm was the inspiration. It refers to Tony’s mission statement, we must alarm the chocolate production world in order to fight slavery. All the technical specifications and production techniques were defined for this assignment.

    Speaker redesign

    Another way of mapping interactions: what if the sound volume could correspond with the height of the middle part you can move up/down...
    Can we make the classical button interaction more interesting?

    Technical drawings

    Thinking about the technical feasibility of your concept is as important as other design phases. Here one can see a side view for a sigar package.
    I am able to make technical drawings in Illustrator as well as in Fusion 360.

    Packaging design internship

    During my internship, I designed a new sigar package including the technical feasabilities.
    In addition, I co-worked on other projects. For example, one of my designs was part of the final design for the Elixr GOA RED cigaret package.

    User experience

    Analysing the customer journey is only one tool one can use when improving the user experience. This customer journey was made for the course Brand management. Other methods I'm experienced with are personsas, empathy maps, scenarios, story telling, user tests, business canvas model and design thinking.

    Who am I?

    To design creative and surprising packaging solutions you offer an extra value in the whole user experience,
    so that the user will create memories that will last for a long time...
    That's my vision.

    • Packaging Design

      Designing a surpise for the customer through packaging. Packaging is an important factor for your brandposition.
      It needs to breathe your brand's values and vision, it needs to be creative and last but not least feasible.

    • Industrial Design

      Going through the whole design process from ideation, to conceptualization, testing, validating and producing. Every project will be executed with a human centered design vision in mind.
      Let's create someting outstanding together!

    • Graphic Design

      If you need a minimalistic design, we are the agency you are looking for. Searching for the core message you want to communicate to your audience.
      I can help you with the design of a logo, brand identity, and other promotional products a company might need.

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